Jon Spelman

Live oral storytelling, the expressive delivery of vivid words to an engaged and listening audience, is the medium for one-on-one communication. Whether a story’s listeners number one or one thousand, the imagistic power of spoken words and their direct appeal to the imagination create a personal multi-media experience not equaled by any electronic device.

In a time of so much digital communication, many people sometimes want something different. How about  the face-to-face experience available for listeners to the live art of storytelling?

Jon has a wide interest in telling a great variety of stories (humorous, silly, serious, and profound) to a wide variety of audiences in a wide range of places.  In each story he tells, he imagines each scene so thoroughly that we are invited and encouraged to imagine each moment in our own way. His is an art form with high regard for the active participation of each member of the audience.

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