Performing For Adults

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For theatres and arts centers; colleges and universities; organizational and corporate meetings; conventions and retreats; symphony orchestras and other kinds of musical events; and for storytelling and other festivals and events.

“On the surface, Facing The Bull is Jon’s story of how he learned he had prostate cancer. evaluated his options, went through surgery, and recovered. But it is written and performed in such a way that the whole audience gets to grapple with immortality and death, and live to tell about it — all while laughing a great deal.” (Originally commissioned by Theater J and entitled The Prostate Dialogues.) For adults.

TALES OF A. LINCOLN: Stories by and about Abraham Lincoln as inspired by Russian novelist Leo Tolstoy. Young Abe; Lincoln as President; Lincoln’s Death at Ford’s Theatre. Created for Ford’s Theatre National Historic Site in Washington, DC. For adults and young adults.

DIGGING INTO SHAKESPEARE: Stories funny, touching, & occasionally spicy, as Jon relates his early years in a household of Shakespeare lovers; his mostly disastrous appearances as an actor in a variety of Shakespeare’s plays; and his later introduction  into the wiles of “Old Will” and the various off-beat characters he inspires. Supported by early music multi-instrumentalist Tina Chancey. Created for the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center at the University of Maryland. For adults.

FRANKENSTEIN / THE BEAUTY OF THE BEAST: Mary Shelley’s classic story, from The Creature’s point of view. Created for The Round House Theatre and for the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences. Performed solo, or with  musician Tina Chancey. For adults and for young adults.

YANCEY REGISTER’S TALKIN’ TALES, OR WHY THE SNAIL CROSSED THE ROAD AND OTHER ORAL DIVERSIONS: Traditional stories from the rural South, as told by a local raconteur and liar. Originally created for the Florida Studio Theatre. Can be performed with old time musician Tina Chancey. For adults and young adults.

SOME GOOD OLD TALES: Folk tales and traditional stories from many lands and cultures. For adults and young adults.

TALES FROM THE AMERICAN LANDSCAPE: An eclectic evening of stories selected from the longer tales listed on this page.

AN EVENING WITH JON SPELMAN: Some of Jon’s favorite pieces, chosen for special occasions, in partnership with the evening’s presenter.