Students & Teachers

Jon Spellman graphic sketh redFOR STUDENTS, GRADES K – 12

Listen-See-Tell: Basic Steps in Telling a Story

Using Oral Storytelling and Creative Dramatics to Enhance Curriculum Content

Tell It Write:  Using Storytelling to Improve Creative Writing

How Can I Help? Basic Steps to Effective Peer Criticism

What If?
Asking the Right Questions To Stimulate the Creative Process for Oral Storytelling and/or Writing

Jon is especially interested in creating special workshops to support teachers’ curricular goals


                                                    FOR TEACHERS

Jon Spellman graphic sketh blueProfessional Development Workshops in Storytelling and Creative Dramatics, in Writing, and in Creative Thinking (workshops can be from two to six hours in length)

Arts Coaching Residencies in the classroom: For teachers in how to utilize  theatre and storytelling to teach Reading, Writing, Sequencing, Oral Expression, and the Creative Process.  These workshops can take from  1 to 12 class periods each and are Arts Integrated Workshops designed in conjunction with each school’s classroom teachers to help them teach their curriculum.